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Report: Yahoo to sell Delicious for $1 million

Yahoo - pulling plug on Delicious
Yahoo - pulling plug on Delicious

Yahoo could be set to sell bookmarking site Delicious for around $1 million (£618k), with StumbleUpon rumoured to be a potential buyer.

Yahoo decided that Delicious was not performing well enough at the end of last year, but the user base still represents an attractive proposition.

A report in Business Insider spilled the beans on the sale, suggesting the bargain basement pricing for a site that could have as many as 6 million users.


Although the potential buyer has not yet been revealed, the reports suggests that it could be StumbleUpon, which has just attracted significant investment.

For StumbleUpon, it represents the chance to snap up a company that could be considered a rival to its core aim of surfacing the web's quirky and interesting content.

Logistically, it has taken time for Yahoo to remove Delicious from its infrastructure, which has delayed any sale of the bookmarking site.

Business Insider via Guardian