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Google brings Street View to Winter Olympics

Street View - now with added brr!
Street View - now with added brr!

Google has unveiled its Street View for the Winter Olympics that begin this Friday in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

The Street View gallery covers the venues for many of the events at the Winter Olympics, ranging from cross-country skiing to the luge to, er, curling. Users can find the sites on Google maps at the click of a button.

Rather than using the Google car or bicycle equipped with a camera, for this the team used a special snowmobile. The collaboration between Google and the Olympics committee was announced last November.

See Vancouver, too

According to newspaper reports, the virtual tour originally planned to include the Olympic Village, but to date that footage hasn't appeared. That might change before the opening ceremony, however, as Google says its vehicles are currently in the area.

The Olympics site is just north of Vancouver, and those eager to check out Canada's only West Coast city can also enjoy the delights of Gastown, Downtown East Side, English Bay and more on Street View, for the kind of expanded Olympics experience the athletes will have during their down time.

Google launched Street View in 2007 and is currently in 25 counties.

Via The Register