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Byron Review: Government responds

Dr Tanya Byron's report into violent games was published today

MPs Ed Balls (Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families) and Andy Burnham (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) were on hand at a central London launch of the Byron Review into violent games and inappropriate internet content earlier today.

Both MPs pledged their full support of Tanya Byron’s recommendations and said that the government would 'act immediately on taking forward her proposals'.

“I am grateful to Dr Byron for carrying out this review and the recommendations show a convincing analysis of how we can properly manage risk in a fast paced, fast changing new media environment," said Ed Balls.

Balls added: “Children and young people often know more about the latest developments in new technology and video games than adults do. Dr Byron’s recommendations will help parents to recognise risks and judge what is appropriate, such as bringing the 12+ rating on video games in line with film age classification.

Balls confirmed that a UK Council on Child Internet Safety, established by and reporting to the Prime Minister, “will lead on a national strategy for improving child internet safety”.

Andy Burnham added that, “Dr Byron has set out a clear plan of action” and that she is personally “committed to working with the internet and games industries to build on existing safeguards”.