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Facebook tests yet another new profile design

Facebook tests yet another new profile design
Facebook's new look - cool for cats?

Another day, another Facebook page design. With the paint still drying on Timeline, Facebook is trying out another new look.

It's not as drastic a makeover as the Timeline change was, simply cleaning the header up a bit and moving some details up on to the cover image.

As well as that, the boxed tabs under the cover image (Friends, Photos, Map etc) are now squished up into smaller graphics without pulling in images from your profile to populate them.

Time up on Timeline

The new new look is currently in beta testing - Facebook didn't mention to TPM which first spotted the change how many user profiles would be seeing the test profile.

We can practically feel you all gearing up for a good old moan about the new look but cool your jets: there's no guarantee that the social network will roll the tweaked profile out across the site though, so cool your jets.

Beta testing is likely to throw up a bunch of problems – not least, what happens if your cover photo is white? Or what if you've painted a Pollock-esque masterpiece especially for your Facebook profile - how will you read the white text on that?