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Downing Street utilises Web 2.0

The new website will include video
The new website will include video

There's nothing like being at the cutting-edge of technology. While our US cousins are using tech like live streaming in their forthcoming election, our very own cronies at Downing Street are using the web like its 2004 and adding video to its website.

Due to re-launch very soon, the prime minister's official website expands on the features it already has, with videos of Gordon Brown's speeches, media appearances and press conferences. Riveting stuff.

Embracing the web

Currently, the website already has links to the likes of YouTube and Twitter on the site, so the new video content should sit quite nicely among all this web 2.0 applications.

This isn't the first time that British politicians have embraced the internet, with Conservative leader David Cameron site webcameron (geddit?) which shows Cameron on his various campaigns, the most recent video posted being a video with him in discussion with Barrack Obama.

Unfortunately, they are speaking about politics and not playing the 'my site is better than your site' game.