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Sony adds 3D playback to home cinema range

Sony - 3D ready and ready to rock
Sony - 3D ready and ready to rock

Sony has revealed its latest batch of home cinema setups which bring Full HD 3D compatibility to the home.

Ever since IFA 2009, Sony has pledged its allegiance to 3D and this latest range proves this, with the technology integrated into five new Blu-ray systems.

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First up is the 2.1-channel setup BDV-F500. This is being positioned at those who watch movies but have little space.

The speakers available are wall mountable but they can also be used on the desktop.

Monolithic design

The 5.21-channel BDV-E370, BDV-E670W, BDV-E870, and BDV-IZ1000W all house 3D compatibility, a monolithic design so they can paired up to Sony's new range of TVs and they have DLNA connectivity.

Couple this with Bravia Internet Video and it looks like Sony is covering all the bases content-wise.

Two standalone Blu-ray players have also been announced – the BDP-S770 and BDP-S470. Both models support 3D and also have web connectivity.

Although the majority of the systems have a UK release date of this month, the 3D tech won't be switched on until a firmware upgrade this summer - just in time for the launch of the company's 3D TVs.

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