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New Naim Naits have arrived!

Naim has refreshed its entry-level CD and amplifier, the CD5i and Nait 5i. For many audiophiles, these electronics represent the stepping-stone into Naim ownership and are competitively priced at £850 and £725 a pop.

Naim evolution

The new products have been nicknamed 'italics', in reference to the italicised suffix on each product.

Crucially, Naim's CD5i gains a new Wolfson DAC, chosen following extensive listening and there have also been improvements made to the capacitors and output filters. This, says Naim, enables the player to deliver a more detailed sound.

The bulk of Naim's new improvements, however, lie with the Nait 5i integrated amplifier. In a move that acknowledges the iPod, the brand has added a new front-panel input for portable music players. This bold step is a firm indicator that Naim recognises the importance of MP3 players, in the world of hi-fi.

New speaker system

The new input is auto-switching too, so the amp will automatically switch to the input source connected. Internally, key upgrades include improved RF filtering on the passive preamp stage, reduced overall feedback and an improved heatsink material to increase efficiency.

Naim also offers a suitably affordable speaker system to accompany the new CDi and Nait 5i, called the n-SATS (£695). These compact standmount speakers enable new customer s to achieve a complete Naim system without breaking the bank.