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MTV Games bails out of videogame production

No more dancing for MTV Games
No more dancing for MTV Games

MTV Games has ceased all its operations, with owner Viacom confirming that the game development company is no more.

MTV Games, alongside Harmonix, was the developer behind the rather successful Rock Band and Dance Central franchises.

The death knell for MTV Games was sounded in December 2010, however, when Viacom decided to sell off Harmonix to an investment firm.

Not playing games

This meant that MTV Games was left with no clients - there was hope that it could become publisher of the Rock Band series in Europe but a deal wasn't agreed.

It is something of a fall from grace for MTV Games. Back in 2009, with Harmonix the company managed to bag one of the biggest exclusives in gaming by linking up with Apple Corps for The Beatles: Rock Band.

Considering it took Apple another year to get digital distribution of The Beatles songs, this was something of a coup for MTV Games.

Unfortunately this legacy is now marred with legal wranglings, as Harmonix and MTV Games are currently bickering over missed performance-based payments.

If only they'd just let it be…