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Logitech launches Guitar Hero drum kit

Logitech wants you to drum to its beat with the latest launch – a wireless drum kit for Guitar Hero. And the name of this somewhat premium-priced peripheral? It's simply called the Wireless Drum Controller.

Before all you Xbox 360 fans jump up off the sofa to purchase this thing of beauty, be warned: Logitech has currently only made the kit available for PlayStation users.

Premium design

According to Logitech, the drum controller has "premium drum heads with recessed rims" and is easy to store and transport, so even if you take your Guitar Hero skills on the road your drum kit can come with you.

Also announced by Logitech is a rather authentic-looking wireless guitar controller. The guitar packs a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets, and uses rubber dome technology on the fret board controls - the same material used in Logitech's keyboard range.

Both peripherals will be available for the PS3 and PS2 and will set you back £179 each, when released in September.