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Sony flogs one million slim PSPs in Japan

The new PSP is lighter and slimmer than the first model

Sony has announced that the slimmer, lighter version of its PSP handheld gaming device has been snapped up by over one million gamers in Japan. It passed the million milestone in just two months, which is two weeks quicker than the original PSP did it.

While at face value that might not sound too impressive - it's only two weeks after all - sales of the new PSP are actually a bit of a coup for Sony.

After all, the original PSP launched three years ago in Japan. So after three years, it's pretty impressive that a model which barely offers anything extra, could sell a million units faster than when it first launched.

New PSP selling strong

The new PSP is slightly lighter and marginally slimmer than the original model. It also offers improved battery life as well as a video output for watching movies from the device on a TV. And that's it.

Sony says it aims to flog 10 million PSP units worldwide in the year ending in March 2008, which compares to Nintendo's goal of selling 28 million DS handhelds.