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Intel to beef up solid state drives to 160GB

Toshiba, Samsung and others might not have the SSD market to themselves for long

Intel is planning to release high capacity solid state drives (SSDs) next quarter that could reach a capacity of 160GB. That's according to numerous reports, which claim that the new models will come in 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch formats.

They'll compete with existing flash memory drives from Samsung, which has promised a 128GB version of its 1.8-inch solid state drive later this year.

"When Intel launches its products, you'll see that not all SSDs are created equal," Intel's NAND product chief Troy Winslow said. "The way the SSDs are architected, the way the controller and firmware operates makes a huge difference."

Price fall coming

Pricing, which has been a major concern for most customers for quite some time, may not be such a huge barrier going forward. Winslow pointed out that "price declines are historically 40 per cent per year. And in 2009, a 50 per cent reduction, then again in 2010."

Solid state drives are quickly becoming popular; with the cost to consumers dropping and the gigabyte count rising, look for them in more products soon.