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Intel ready to push super-fast, large SSDs

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Intel is certain to bring better SSDs to market, but when exactly?

Although it's nothing official, a supposedly leaked Intel document suggests the chip giant will be making a major effort to get solid-state storage into the hands of consumers over the next few months.

The claimed leak comes from a Chinese website and suggests that Intel will follow the lead of its partner Micron and introduce a new range of very fast SSDs. Where Micron was aiming for business users, Intel will shoot squarely for Joe Public.

Pricing the key

The rumoured drives are likely to come in 32GB, 64GB, 80GB and 160GB versions, as well as in 1.8-inch or 2.5-inch cases. More notable, however, is the suggestion that the Intel drives will offer read/write speeds of a blazing 240/170MB/s.

If the US firm can also get prices down to match the performance, it clearly won't be long before SSDs hit the mainstream big time.