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Sony shows off new high-end receivers

Sony DA5600 ES
Sony DA5600 ES

Sony has unveiled two new high-end receivers, with the STR-DA5600ES and STR-DA3600ES hoping to build on the reputation of the company's ES.

Both the STR-DA5600ES and STR-DA3600ES offer 3D pass-through on HDMI, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, DLNA with a four-way Ethernet hub, and 1080p upscaling.

"The two new products enable even better home cinema sound, plus state of the art features such as 3D pass-through, DLNA connectivity for networked audio and video and internet radio," states Sony.


The STR-DA5600ES features six HDMI inputs, Sony's H.A.T.S system to get rid of jitter and DAC-ED auto calibration technology.

"The 120W per channel STR-DA5600ES is built to produce top end audio quality and sound tuning," says Sony.


The STR-DA3600ES has four HDMI inputs and one output, but also offers power off pass through and Audio Return Channel.

"The STR-DA3600ES delivers 100W per channel. It has full DLNA client capability, along with a built-in four-port Ethernet hub for easy connectivity," adds Sony.

Both receivers have been given a UK release date of October 2010.