The TechRadar Christmas wishlist

Marc Chacksfield, Deputy Editor, London

Marc chacksfield

EA Sports Active 2

Wii Fit may have piqued most gamers' keep-fit interests with its balance board and the like, but EA Sports Active 2 takes fitness games to another level.

If you can forgive the strapping on of sensors that make you look like you are on day release, EA Sports Active 2 will give you a proper workout in your front room. This includes putting your fitness data online and giving you a total workout plan.

Add to that a heart rate monitor and you'll never have to run beside the smelly guy at the gym again.

EA sports active 2

Philips O'Neill Stretch TR-55LX headphones

Made from material stronger than your average Schwarzenegger (pre Governator), Philips and O'Neill have put their collective heads together and come up with the toughest headphone range around.

The plastic used to create companies' cans is something called TR55LX, a substance than six times stronger than your average earphone.They're like the kid in school that nobody dared look at, just in case they were in the mood to use your head as a conker.

Philips stretch headphones

Dave The Funky Monkey

I know what you're thinking: just how funky is Dave the Funky Monkey? Is he on a par with James Brown, up there with George Clinton and ready to give Marky Mark and his bunch a run for their money?

In a word, no, but he will interact with you and he can laugh, fart and burp, which inevitably means he's set to be the must-have toy for Christmas this year.

Controlled electronically, Dave (yes, I am on first-name terms) has more brain power than your average TechRadar journo.

Dave the funky monkey

Arcam rCube

The Arcam rCube has been three years in the making, with the audio company seemingly hell bent on not putting out an iPod dock until it was positive that the product was ready to blow the socks off the opposition.

Lucky, then, the Arcam rCube does just that. From its brilliant block design to its meaty power, the rCube is one of the best audio player we have seen for the iPod.

At £500 it's pricey, but the rCube for looks alone is deserving of every penny.

Arcam rcube

Sony Reader PRS-650 Touch

The Kindle may be the ebook reader of choice at the moment, but it's the new Sony Reader Touch that's caught my eye.

The ability to swipe through pages and the build of the device is far superior to Amazon's effort, but then again the price does reflect this.

It's the first ebook reader – and the fact that I'm running out of space – to have me seriously considering giving up buying real books.

Sony reader prs 650 touch