The TechRadar Christmas wishlist

Patrick Goss, Editor (London)

Patrick goss

Apple iPad

The perfect present; I wouldn't buy it for myself, but it's the kind of gadget I'd be overjoyed to find in my Christmas stocking.

When you factor in things like the forthcoming Virgin Media TiVo app which turns it into the ultimate remote control, and the potential advantages it will give me in Angry Birds and Bejewelled 3 then it's a winner.

Apple ipad

Apple ipad

Kinect for Xbox 360

The launch games may be a bit lame, but the kit itself has oodles of potential for the future. Microsoft's motion/voice controller is all about the future - and it's rightly selling like hotcakes.

Plus, it should keep the in laws busy for a while as I snaffle a few more mince pies.

Microsoft kinect for xbox 360

Microsoft kinect for xbox 360

Gran Turismo 5 for PS3

The perfectionist devs at Polyphony may have delayed this for the best part of five years, but the end product is wonderful, and perhaps even worth the wait.

The doyenne of racing games, Gran Turismo 5 is as close as you are likely to get to driving a supercar around a race track.

Google Nexus S

I was still trying to decide if I preferred the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S better when Google's latest handset popped up and dived straight into my wish list.

Curvy, fast and, erm, Androidy, this could be a key handset in 2011.

Google nexus s

Alienware M11X

Obviously Santa would have to be sporting the red, fur-lined trousers with the very deep pockets if he were to provide me with this gaming notebook.

But if he should happen to furnish me with this delight of portable(ish) gaming technology, then I could merrily frag my way through Team Fortress for the entirety of Boxing Day.

Alienware m11x