Self-lighting door handle senses your approach

The illumi-knob senses when you are ten feet from your door and lights up!

Here's a handy thing: a self-illuminating doorknob that lights up when it senses you approaching called, somewhat hilariously, the 'illumi-knob'.

When you have stopped sniggering at the back, you might want to consider investing in one of these for your bedroom - as you realise it is the perfect thing when you are creeping into bed in the early hours after a heavy, late-night session on the Xbox 360/ the alcopops/ burglary.

The illumi-knob will also provide a great talking point at parties – purely because it will make anybody laugh out loud at the sheer inventiveness of the device.

Helps the aged

More seriously, the device could prove to be particularly useful for the elderly or those with impaired sight, as it is designed to be easier to open than your standard doorknob.

The illumi-knob's passive infrared sensor detects any movement within 10 feet which instantly turns on two low-level LED light rings.

Watch out for the illumi-knob in your local Maplins or does-it-all electrical emporium at some point later in 2010 (suggested retail cost $19.99).

Via Gizmag