Researchers can see the images in your brain

Don't think sexy thoughts, don't think sexy thoughts... dammit

All those forgotten dreams could soon be a thing of the past, as researchers have found a way to show the images people are seeing in their heads.

This has led to the world's first 'thought images', which may be a far cry from actually recording dreams and inner-most thoughts but these findings are still the first step down the road.

Japan's ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories showed a set of test subjects the letters that comprise the word 'Neuron'.

They then measured the brain activity and were able to reproduce the images and the word from each of the test subjects on a computer display.

Fine tuning

While the process will obviously need a great deal of fine tuning to interpret the signals accurately for an individual, it means researchers could one day literally see our thoughts.

So not only could you have your dreams recorded, but it could also offer insights into the minds of comatose patients and shed light on what, if any, brain activity is actually occurring.