Denmark gives text alternative to stamps

Stamping it out?
Stamping it out?

Denmark is bringing in a system where people can forgo a stamp for their letters but text for a code instead.

For those of us so used to email that actually getting stamps for the odd times we use snail mail is a massive pain, this text option seems like a wonderful alternative.

From 1 April, Danes that are (ahem) stuck without a stamp can text the word porto to the 1900 number and be sent back a code that they can write on the envelope instead.


"Mobile Postage is a useful supplement for those in need of a stamp regardless of place and time," said Henrik Larsen, a spokesman for Post Danmark in a statement to the BBC.

"We will, of course, still keep the Danish stamp tradition alive as the stamp adds qualities to a letter."

Now if only they could replace the whole laborious paper and envelope thing with some kind of electronic alternative.