Murdoch 'doesn't care' about technology

Fox owner Murdoch not to hot on the latest tech trends - like email

Vanity Fair correspondent Michael Wolff has revealed that Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp, "doesn't care" about new and emerging technology, preferring to stick to the print publishing side of his business.

The revelation is in Wolff's upcoming biography of the media mogul. Speaking to the Press Gazette, Wolff admitted that Murdoch is "perfectly content to be the last man standing" when it comes to print.

Does not understand it

"[Murdoch] doesn't know anything about technology. He doesn't care about it. When it comes to technology, Rupert Murdoch is a 77-year-old man. No more, no less," says Wolff

"Even when he goes out and makes announcements about technology - technology is the future, News Corp is a technologically advanced company - that is just what somebody has given him to say.

"He does not mean it, he does not understand it, he is incurious about it. He doesn't use a computer, he doesn't get email, he cannot get his cell phone to work."