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MOD unveils super-sharp sniper shooter

Nice shot
Nice shot

A gun-making company is laying claim to creating the most-accurate gun ever made. The sniper rifle - titled L115A3 - costs £23,000 and has been endowed with a plethora of performance-enhancing features.

These include: heavier bullets, to help with accuracy; a muzzle velocity of 936 metres per second (a hundred metres better than the rest); and 25x sight magnification.

Accuracy is the key

The gun has been made by the aptly titled Portsmouth-based manufacturer Accuracy International. The first lot of rifles were deployed to Afghanistan, with16 Air Assault Brigade, users of the gun, claiming it is: "the best .338 sniper rifle in the world".

Accuracy International originally started back in 1978, founded by ex-Olympic shooting Gold medallist Malcolm Cooper.

And the guns aren't just used by the military, either; police forces across the world are being issued with the rifle, for use in their work.

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