Unwanted sex texts to be banned in Scotland

If you're living in Scotland, you better think twice before sending that naughty text

Scotland has revised its crime laws to include penalties for people who send text messages containing unwanted sexual content.

The Sexual Offences Bill that was updated last week now includes a section titled 'Communicating Indecently Etc' and is intended to outline the once muddled legalities of communicating indecently.

The law includes all written material – whether it be by letter, text or email – and makes it an offence to send unsolicited material that could give the sender "sexual gratification or to humiliate, distress or alarm the receiver."

Indecent imagery

It is now also an offence in Scotland to send indecent imagery via text or email of a real or 'imagined' person without the permission of the receiver. This activity could land the sender 10 years in prison.

Speaking in the The Scotsman newspaper, The Scottish Law Commission's Colin Tyre said: "We wanted to make sure all forms of communication were covered by a single law. Sending offensive e-mails in the workplace has become more common, as have text messages."