Microsoft joins LG, Qualcomm and co. in connected home club

Microsoft joins LG Qualcomm and co in connected home club

Microsoft has joined the AllSeen Alliance, a group of over 50 companies committed to establishing the Internet of Things.

The AllSeen Alliance, spearheaded by Qualcomm, is working on a range of standards for all manufacturers to adopt, allowing their devices to communicate with others using the same standards.

The software giant will rub shoulders with Qualcomm, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and more in the Alliance.

With the inclusion of Microsoft into the mix we could see future Surface tablets and Lumia handsets adopting the standards and thus potentially allowing you to use these devices to control things such as burglar alarms, TVs, heating and lighting in your home.

Which way?

The AllSeen Alliance doesn't have it all its own way though, with some companies believing in different solutions.

Apple for example is creating its own offering with the recent announcement of HomeKit, while rival chip manufacturers are also said to be readying their own set of standards. Game, on.