Yahoo claims US election victory

Here's an image you won't see again. Except in your nightmares, perhaps...

Yahoo may still be looking for a sugar daddy to rescue it, but it's had no trouble attracting punters in the last few news-heavy weeks.

On US Election Day, November 4, Yahoo News attracted the largest single-day audience in online news history - 7.6 million unique users.

ComScore Media Metrix figures show that Yahoo's 260 million page views outstripped (232 million), CNN (135 million), AOL (45 million) and Fox News (31 million).

It also trounced the UK's very own Brighton Argus (14, although 4 of them thought they were visiting the website for the Brighton branch of Argos).

14.2 minutes of fame

Yahoo released some internal figures showing what y'all got up to while viewing its news service. Users spent an average of 14.2 minutes surfing a political Dashboard showing results from Presidential, Senate and House races.

In an early sign of election fatigue, though, half the new stories voted for on Yahoo's Buzz recommendation engine had nothing to do with politics.

And the biggest, record-setting survey of the week? An omg! questionnaire that attracted an astonishing one million responses... about Michelle Obama's election night fashion.

Hey ho, only four more years until it all happens again...