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How to stay in shape in zero gravity

ISS commander
Zero gravity is no excuse not to exercise

Shimmy on home, Richard Simmons. There's a new exercise guru in town. Or should we say in space?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, current commander on the International Space Station, took time out of his ISS duties to give Earthlings a breakdown of how men and women floating in zero gravity keep their muscles and bones from deteriorating.

In a video presented by the Canadian Space Agency (Hadfield is a native of the Great White North) and called, of all things, "The Hadfield Shake," the commander runs on a treadmill called the T2, does calf raises, and performs modified deadlifts, all set to a very groovy work out jam.

The equipment resembles what you'd find in an gravity-bound gym, though we doubt you've had someone float by as you got your sweat on.

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