Holographic lasers turn any table into a touchscreen

Holographic laser projection turning tables into touchscreens

Holographic lasers that can project a touchscreen onto any surface could soon be a reality after new funding was acquired by the tech's developers.

Light Blue Optics has received new investment to continue investigation into a number of technologies, but among the most exciting is the possibility of a projected touchscreen.

The products will be released to OEMs later this year, meaning we could see products using the tech at some point in 2010.

Vibrant and focused

Using holographic laser technology, LBO says it can deliver vibrant colours and focus-free operation to make interacting with the virtual screen easier.

Although the 10 lumens display may be a little light, the projection does have wide angle throw and can support pin sharp WVGA resolutions.

However, before you get too excited, the holographic part of the technology only refers to the internal workings - there won't be any Princess Leia-style images that you can touch thrown around.

Via Picoprojector-info