'Realistic' robot Einstein causes reactions

Einstein never liked being woken up in the morning

Although TechRadar never met Albert Einstein, we have got a feeling that Hanson Robotics' new robot isn't exactly a fair representation of one of the best minds of the 20th Century.

Comical Spitting Image looks aside, the company have created a robot which can recognise human expressions and react to them in the right way. Essentially, if you crack a smile it will grin right back at you.


Underneath the 'frubber' skin (we are not making this up) the robot uses 31 motors to create the human-like facial expressions.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the Einstein recreation, Vier Movellan, research scientist at the UC Machine Perception Laboratory, which helped create the robot head said: "This robot is a scientific instrument that we hope will tell us something about human-robot interaction, but also human-human interaction."

Currently it costs around £50,000 to create the Einstein robot, but its makers are hoping to be able to mass produce the device for around £150 in the future – perfect for educational establishments looking to tap into the mind of the great man himself.

Via Daily Mail