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Bright future for giant flexible plasma screen

Sinoda Plasma
Curves ahoy

Last time we heard from Tsutae Shinoda, the engineer who invented plasma TVs, he was planning on shaking up the PDP world with some jumbo screens of up to 270 inches on the diagonal.

Before those go into production, however, Shinoda’s company has turned its focus to creating plasma screens that are just 1mm thick.

Advertising in mind

Shinoda Plasma’s 125-inch prototype is thin enough to wrap around surfaces, so is perfect for advertising companies, sales to which could, presumably, help the company bring in the bucks to get on with those monster screens it has in mind.

Naturally, the new screen is light as well as thin – at just 3.6kg it’s a fraction of the mass of a normal plasma television. Although the resolution is only 960 x 360 pixels, Shinoda clearly hopes for big things. Already, a 150-inch version is planned for late this year.