Fin! Blockbuster throws in the towel, all remaining stores to close on Dec. 16

Fin Blockbuster throws in the towel all remaining stores to close on Dec 16

George A. Romero would have been proud of way BlockBuster rose from the dead earlier this year, but there'll be no sequel this time around as the video rental giant has been truly consigned to the grave.

Blockbuster UK, which fell into administration again in October will lower the curtain (or graffiti-laden shutters if you're not into the whole metaphor thing) on its remaining 91 UK stores on December 16.

The company had been searching for another new owner, but somewhat unsurprisingly, there were no takers and as a result 808 jobs will go, just over a week before Christmas.

The remaining stock will be sold off on the cheap - with discounts of up to 90 per cent - between now and December 15.

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