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Android Instant Apps kills the app download

Android Instant Apps

Google just announced Android will be able to use apps without downloading them.

Android Instant Apps takes Google's concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages, which loads webpages near-instantly, to Android apps. Users will no longer need to download an app in order to use its features.

Android Instant Articles example

The big news is that you won't need to be using the latest version of Android, Android N, in order to use Instant Apps. Google showed off Android Instant Apps on a phone running Android Kit Kat, and the feature will work with devices running all the way back to Jellybean (4.1)

Android Instant Apps works by breaking apps up into modules, requiring users only to download the modules they need for a specific feature. For example, Google demoed using a parking meter app where you can pay via NFC. The app loads instantly, you tap to pay, and you're on your way. All of this happened without the need to download an app that you'll only likely use once or twice.

Not every app will support Instant App downloads as developers have to enable it. Google hopes Instant Apps will help developers show how useful their apps are and convert people to download the entire app.