Castro vs Cuban blogger

Blogging for truth the power of the internet puts the wind up Castro

Fidel Castro has publicly denounced a popular Cuban blogger through the pages of a new book about his relationship with Bolivia.

The former Cuban president alluded to, but didn't name, Yoani Sanchez, 32, who runs the blog Generation Y, in the book Fidel, Bolivia And Something More, saying:

"What is grave isn't so much affirmations of this type that are divulged immediately by imperialism's mass media," but that there are young Cubans who "assume the job of those who undermine, and of the neocolonial press of the ancient Spanish metropolis that awards them."

Shortage of lemons

Sanchez, a trained philologist denied a career in academia, and now working for the Havana tourist industry, has covered subjects including the shortage of lemons in her country, the long-winded proceedings of the Cuban parliament and the slowness of Raúl Castro in bringing about meaningful reforms.

Her dedication to the truth in her criticisms of the communist government resulted in Generation Y being recently awarded the prestigious Ortega y Gasset journalism award, but Cuba last month denied Sanchez permission to travel to Spain to receive it.