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This Apple Watch web browser is a terrible, terrible idea

Apple Watch web browser
Apple Watch web browser

Apple Watch Kit is allowing developers to create brand new apps for the new wearable platform every day, and one developer has decided to do the unnecessary and make a web browser.

Twitter user Comex has shared a video of the basic app running on the Apple Watch showing them accessing Google Search and swinging around a very basic web page.

The video begs the question of why you'd want a web browser at such a small size. In this instance, we think it's a case of "build it and they probably won't come".

Hold me closer, tiny browser

No matter what version of the Apple Watch you own it'll have a 1.32-inch display, not exactly the best to go through a page full of Google results.

The video doesn't show Comex searching within Google either so we didn't get a full look at the keyboard or how you can input information.

All in all it seems like a pretty terrible idea to us, but experimentation is great, and it seems to be picking up a lot of interest in places like Reddit - we've just got our fingers crossed for more useful apps soon.