New Android Wear update takes the stress out of planning your day

Google Now s quick notifications are heading to Android

Google Now on Android Wear has been updated to give smartwatch owners a cleaner, simpler way to access Google's digital assistant as they take the day once glance at a time.

The new update cleans up and consolidates Google Now's "cards," which are handy and swipe-able instant notifications that can include directions, weather alerts, sports scores, flight delays and a whole slew of other options and reminders to keep users on top of things with minimal intrusion.

The update intends to make its way across Android Wear-compatible products, but it may take a while for every smartwatch be assimilated, with Phandroid reporting that the Moto 360 (2015) in particular still awaits Google Now's new look.

Customizing Google Now cards requires a connected iPhone or Android smartphone, with steps for setting up the wrist-strapped assistant detailed on Google's support page.

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