HP launches 18x DVD writer: HPdvd940i


HP is to launch its first internal DVD writer that supports speeds up to 18x, as well as the LightScribe label-etching system.

According to the company, 18x is to be HP's new writing speed standard.

The HPdvd940i can handle all major DVD and CD recordable and rewritable formats, and DVD-RAM too. It can hold up to 8.5GB of data and can also support dual-layer discs.

It records dual-layer DVDs at up to 8x, recordable DVDs at up to 18x, rewritable DVDs at up to 8x and DVD-RAM at up to 12x.

HP will also introduce an external version of this drive, the HPdvd940e. Both are due to start shipping next month. The price isn't yet known. Anna Lagerkvist