Three is the place to be for SIM only deals this bank holiday weekend

Three SIM only deals
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There is a massive range of different networks and retailers who offer SIM only deals. But if you've decided to use your bank holiday weekend trying to find the one for you, we already have the answer - Three.

That might sound like we're jumping the gun a little bit but currently Three really is the magic number when it comes to the usually-competitive SIMO market. Want a cheap SIMO? Three is your bet. Unlimited data? Three again. Or even an option that blends affordability and big data? Yep you guessed it, Three.

We've listed Three's top SIM only offers down below so you can find the one for you. That leaves you with plenty of time to do what Bank Holidays are really made for - BBQs, dodging random rain storms and big cheers of 'three day weekend'.

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Three's best SIM only deal bargains:

Three | 12 months | 8GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £9 per month
Costing just £9 a month, Three has taken the spot of the best price tag at this data point. You can go cheaper but that will mean a massive drop in data. In fact, without jumping up to the unlimited regions of data, this feels like the best value SIMO plan around right now, shooting past Vodafone's 8GB data SIM for £10 a month.
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Three | 24 months | All-you-can-eat data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 per month, and £10 per month for the first 6 months
If 8GB of data isn't quite enough to fill your streaming appetite, this unlimited data offer from Three could be the better option. Costing just £20 a month. You have two options - if you don't mind being tied in for 24 months, then you only have to pay a tenner for the first 6 months. Or, if that doesn't sound ideal, then you can go for £20 per month for one year only.
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Three | 12 months | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £18 per month
If an unlimited data cap seems a little bit overkill to you then this could be a better option. It drops the data down to 100GB which is still a massive amount to get through each month. And with that drop in data comes a price drop to £18, making it more affordable. Like the two offers above, no other network can offer this much data at this price.
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Why go with Three?

If you haven't already been won over by these amazing offers from Three then you'll be excited to hear that the network doesn't shy away from offering up some extra incentives as well.

Whether that be free exclusive prizes or extra roaming. You can see all of best perks of Three SIM only deals and Three mobile deals down below.

  • Wuntu - Exclusive offers and freebies with Three's rewards app
  • Go Roam - Roaming abilities in 71 worldwide countries at no extra cost
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