The best iPhone SE SIM-free deal: Big storage for a low price from John Lewis

Cheap iPhone SE deal

The iPhone SE has developed a reputation as one of the best budget devices out there, especially considering how expensive Apple can be (we're looking at you iPhone XS Max). 

But John Lewis has somehow managed to go even cheaper, not only offering one of the cheapest iPhone SE deals out there but also offering it with a massive 128GB of storage making it easily the best iPhone SE deal out there.

This John Lewis SIM-free offer gets you the iPhone SE for just £249. That roughly matches the prices of the cheapest SE options out there but throws in an extra 96GB of storage for extra measure and offers a 2 year guarantee to top it off. 

Sound good? Well it gets even better. There are a tonne of great SIM only deals floating around right now which you can pair with your new iPhone SE for the ultimate cheap contract.

This cheap iPhone SE deal in full

iPhone SE with 128GB of storage | John Lewis | 2 Year guarantee | £249
This is hands down the best deal you can get on an iPhone SE right now. Not only is it incredibly cheap but it also comes with a massive amount of storage. The iPhone SE is one of the best budget phones out there - pair it with a good SIMO deal and you've got yourself a great phone at an even greater price.
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