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Xbox One just got a new way to stream live TV

Time Warner cable xbox one app

The tech industry is coming up with more and more ways for you to watch live TV all the time, and the Xbox One just got a new one - although it won't let you cut your cable cords, unfortunately.

It could prove convenient, though, that the console's Time Warner Cable app now lets users watch 300 live TV channels.

The app previously let users access on-demand content, and the addition of live TV is an interesting one.

For one thing, it will let users watch TV from any room in their house that has an Xbox One, without having to get multiple cable boxes.

That's a big step up for a cable company like Time Warner, which normally charge users more for additional cable boxes.

The app, on the other hand, is free to use on an Xbox One console with your Time Warner account.

Now if only TWC and its competitors would take a page out of HBO's book and let customers drop the cable box entirely.