USB digital TV clip comes with 4GB onboard


Most gadget fans in the West have yet to get their hands on mobile digital TV devices like the 1-seg phones and mini TVs in Japan, but there’s no reason why we can’t give you a sneak preview of the goodies that might come our way one day.

Buffalo Japan’s newest USB tuner, the ¥16,485 (£81)DH-KONE4G/U2DS, bestows the gift of digital telly on any Mac or Windows PC.

Admittedly, it’s 1-seg only and that will never be used outside Japan, but a multinational like Buffalo will surely adjust its line-up when mobile digital TV takes off elsewhere.

Scheduled recordings

The selling point of the DH… (can’t they just give it a name?) is a hearty 4GB slab of flash memory onboard that’s just perfect for recording up to 20 hours of broadcasts.

Buffalo’s marketing includes suggestions that ultra-slack users might want to set the included EPG to record TV shows overnight, then take the device with them in the morning to watch late-night TV at work. And we thought the Japanese were hard-working.