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Toshiba TVs process out the shattered peace

Toshiba's latest Regza LCDs are the first to feature Dolby's volume noise-limiting system

If you’ve ever been bothered by sudden loud passages in movies blasting out your TV’s speakers or – more importantly – upsetting delicate relations with the neighbours, then Toshiba’s latest Regza LCDs have the answer.

The four 37-52-inch ZH500 and ZV500 sets, which go on sale in Japan today and in mid-June, respectively, starting at ¥350,000(£1,700), are the first to feature the Dolby Volume noise-limiting system [registration required].

Audio processing

Although the technology is undoubtedly complex, the idea is simple enough – the TV pays attention to all the audio it’s processing and “properly balances low, middle and high frequencies to maintain the nuances and impact of the program material regardless of playback volume.”

The upshot of that is the ability to hear quiet dialogue in the talky bits and to preserve eardrum integrity when those exploding supernova hit the screen – the best of both worlds.