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Top 10 best Freesat boxes for UK TVs



Technisat HDFS


Technisat launches its first Freesat HD receiver with multimedia and streaming thrown in

The HDFS is its first Freesat receiver offering standard and hi-def reception. It has two operating modes - Freesat and Technisat mode.

In Freesat mode the receiver scans for Freesat channels only, prompting you to enter your postcode beforehand to set regional channels.

You can only access the Freesat EPG while in this mode. The Technisat mode is for multi-satellite users and has many features offered by a conventional satellite receiver. Genre searches can be slow but the software is pretty slick on the whole.

Standard-def pictures can look a tad soft, but are still acceptable. HD looks sharp all round, whether you're watching BBC HD or FTA HD channel Luxe HD.


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