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Top 10 best Freesat boxes for UK TVs



Sagem DSI86 HD


Sagem finally produces its first Freesat zapper

Sagem was originally tipped to be one of the first manufacturers of Freesat receivers, but we've had to wait more than a year for its first effort - the DSI86 HD.

Although we suspect that anyone buying an HD box will probably be relying exclusively on the HDMI output, standard-definition Freesat pictures are rather soft looking viewed via TV Scart, even with RGB enabled.

The HDMI output gives better results with standard definition sources and effective upscaling to 720p and 1080i makes good-quality SD broadcasts look appreciably sharper as a result.

True high-definition broadcasts from BBC HD are also crisply presented. Audio performance is decent and on a par with Sagem's Freeview boxes.


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