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Samsung is going to reveal Tizen TV at CES 2015

Is Samsung betting wisely with Tizen?

Tizen, Samsung's home-grown operating system, is graduating from phone to television, and we're about to see it up close.

Samsung has promised we can expect to see a Tizen TV on display at CES 2015, which takes place next month. It's unclear whether this will be the main event for Samsung, but according to Kim Hyun-suk, head of Samsung's visual display division, it'll be there.

"We've said numerous times that people will get to meet a Tizen TV," said Kim. "Everyone will get to see it."

No surprises please

However, Kim also said that "there will be no surprise shows [at CES]," so we're not holding our breath for any mega-exciting announcements. Some launch details for Tizen TV may be revealed, but we'll just have to wait and see.

As for phones, Samsung is yet to launch a Tizen-running handset. It was expected that we'd see a launch in Russia earlier this year, but that was then postponed.

Via Cnet