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LG is probably going to kill its plasma TVs

Can't say we're massively surprised

Samsung and Panasonic have already announced their exits from the plasma business and now it's LG's turn. The Korean company has hinted that it will production on plasma TVs soon.

The Korea Times reports word directly from home entertainment division lead Ha Hyun-hwoi, stating that LG is carrying out an investigation into the future of plasma production.

"We are studying on when we should suspent the PDP business," he said. The report says that LG will make an official announcement in the near future.

Instead, LG will be hoping to replace LCD technology by investing heavily in 4K curved OLE. "If customers decide the OLED TV is the best, the market for the OLED TV will be established," said Ha.

"I believe our rivals will join the race soon."

Via Digital Spy