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Sky sets up a 3D production company, seals 3D deals

Sky has announced that it is setting up a 3D production company called Colossus Productions to develop original 3D programming for Sky 3D, as well as signed deals for 3D content from MTV, Discovery and Disney.

In partnership with Atlantic Productions (the company behind the brilliant Flying Monsters 3D), Colossus Productions will focus on 3D content – primarily for Sky 3D but also for sale to other platforms and countries.

David attenborough

"Sky has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Atlantic Productions and has a number of existing commissions in production, including a 3D series on plants currently being filmed at Kew Gardens, presented by Sir David Attenborough, and The Bachelor King 3D, a theatrical-release feature documentary, also with David Attenborough, that looks at the lives of penguins in South Georgia," explained Sky's release.


"The co-investment with Atlantic Productions follows on from Sky's commitment earlier this year to increase the amount it invests each year in original UK programming by 50% to £600 million a year by 2014."

Sky's commitment to 3D TV has also been underlined by deals with some of the biggest names in television.

Disney, Discovery 3D and now MTV will all supply content for Sky 3D, alongside the current raft of 3D sport, arts and movies.