Samsung planning 42-inch OLED TV in 2011

Large-screen OLED TVs could well be 'the next big thing' at CES 2011

Samsung is planning to release a whopping 42-inch OLED TV by 2011, according to latest reports from the Far East.

Samsung Mobile Display are starting a trial production of a 42-inch OLED-TV with the new 5.5 generation production line in Cheonan in the third quarter of this year.

42-inch OLED TVs at CES 2011

Sammy's 5.5 Generation (1500x1100mm) OLED production line is planned to be ready for mass production of large OLED TV screens by the first quarter of 2011.

So we could well be seeing some large-screen OLED TVs making an appearance at CES in Vegas next January.

Which begs the question, might OLED actually be 'the next big thing' for the TV manufacturing industry to latch-onto next year, once the current hype around 3D technology has run its course?