Panasonic will use Firefox OS to power its next-gen Smart TVs

Panasonic will use Firefox OS to power its next gen Smart TVs

Panasonic has announced that it will use the Firefox OS Open platform for its next generation of Smart TVs, as it looks to make the TV the true centerpiece of our home.

The Japanese giant has formed a partnership with Mozilla, hoping that Firefox can give it an advantage over the strong opposition in the TV market.

Firefox OS is an open platform that is built on HTML 5 and other open web standards and Smart TV is a natural step for the operating system.


That means better connectivity for your television and potentially turning your TV into a hub for your entire household of devices.

So, expect user profiles for your TV, many more apps that control your TV experience and a slew of interesting new ways for your television to step outside the bounds of being a dumb screen.

Mozilla's Dr Li Gong explained that Mozilla - a not for profit organisation - sees Panasonic as an ideal partner for its next generation of products, adding: "by combining our collective expertise and know-how, we will create amazing products together."