LG EL9500 OLED TV now shipping in UK

LG's new OLED TV is now available to order on Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £1970

LG's latest OLED TV – the LG EL95000 – is apparently now shipping in the UK, if a new listing on Amazon.co.uk is to be believed.

The latest OLED TV from LG costs a mere £1970, according to the site. The LG EL9500 has a 15-icnh OLED panel with 1366x768 resolution, 100,000:1 contrast and a response time that is lower than 0.01msec.

Thin and good-looking

On top of all that it's only 1.7mm thick. The news follows Sony's recent decision to stop making its own small OLED TV.

LG originally announced that it plans to start shipping the TV in Europe in May, so there is always the chance that Amazon UK is getting a little ahead of itself here.

Either way, if you have the cash to splash and are in the market for a top-end TV for your study or bedroom, the latest OLED marvel from LG is going to be pleasing your tired eyes sometime very soon.

Via OLED Info