Rumour: 400Hz TVs coming in September

Samsung 400Hz TVs incoming? If they are they'll be too fast to see

Samsung is to use this year's IFA trade show to unveil its latest range of 400Hz LCD TVs, if reports are to be believed.

Last year's IFA was when Samsung decided to show of the world's first 200Hz LCD televisions.

Well, the company announced a range and so did Sony, with its MotionFlow tech, so we're not quite sure who actually gets the world's first tag, but there you go.

Combines current tech

A German website called believes the company is primed to show off the new technology, which "combines the current 200Hz interpolation technique to insert black frames, a technique that is called BFI / DFI [black frame, dark frame interpolation]."

While the website is unsure whether the TVs on show will be production models or prototypes, it will be interesting to see just how much smoother and sharper Samsung can make the picture quality of its TVs.

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