Panasonic demos single remote for all devices


Panasonic is introducing a new single remote control system for many of the devices in its 2007 line-up. The company says that Viera Link will enhance ease of use for TV, camcorder, home cinema and digital video recorder users.

Viera Link uses high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connections to automatically switch between different devices, put them in standby and take control of them with full menu access using a single remote. The system is driven by a graphical user interface (GUI) which is called up when you press the dedicated Viera Link button on new Panasonic-branded remotes.

"It's a revolution in ease of use for our consumers", said Michael Friedrich of Panasonic's AVC Network division this afternoon.

Panasonic is claiming a first for the echnology, arguing that none of its rivals can match Viera Link's functionality. as you'd expect the technology is proprietary to the company - you can't just plug in an HDMI-equipped camcorder from Sony, for example, and still expect Viera Link to work. For now it's limited to Panasonic devices only.