Philips 9664 television is also a wireless

Cheer up love, you may have misplaced your steering wheel but you look lovely in High Def

TV replaced the good old wireless in the 1950s, so it's only appropriate that wireless technology should be getting its own back 50 years later.

Philips has just launched the 9664 TV, in 42- and 46 sizes, with built in Wi-Fi web access.

The 802.11g system access Philips' NetTV widgets, offering content from YouTube, eBay, TomTom and more via your home broadband connection.

Quick response

As well as turning your goggle box into a 21st century Google Box, the 9664 TVs have a pretty impressive video spec. Naturally, they're Full HD (1080p) panels, boasting 200Hz motion smoothing and with a cutting edge 1ms response time.

Native contrast is 80,000:1, although the new Ambilight Spectra 2 rear-projecting coloured LEDs are claimed to give a further 'perceived' improvement in contrast. Two 15W speakers provide the audio grunt and there are no less than five HDMI ports (plus all manner of Scart, component and PC links).

The 9664 panels are just 49mm thick (easily wall-mountable), but don't come cheap: £170 for the 42-inch 42PFL9664 and £2000 for the 47PFL966. They'll be in shops shortly.