The best Smart TV platforms in the world 2017

Sony Android TV

1. LG: WebOS

LG rewrote the rulebook for Smart TV platforms, with its webOS. The brand started the trend for minimal, simplified user interfaces back in 2014, and has gradually refined its offering.

We’re now up to the 3.5 iteration of webOS, but LG has shown remarkable restraint with all revisions. 

The UI, which is still built around a Launch Bar for apps, inputs and features, remains tidy and customisable. You can change the running order to best suit how you use the set. If you like to Miracast images from your smartphone, grab the Screen Share app with LG's cursor-based Magic Remote and move up further up the pecking order.

App support is excellent. Netflix streams 4K with both HDR and Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby Atmos audio when available. There's also Amazon with UHD HDR and YouTube in 4K. Other options include Now TV, Sky Store, Wuaki.TV plus all the main channel catch-up services.

As we’ve seen on earlier webOS builds, these streaming apps remain open and live, even when you navigate away from them. This means you can pause Star Trek Discovery, browse the TV listings for The Walking Dead, and then return to the action.

Other cool  new features include 360 degree video playback (from 360 degree videos on YouTube) and an OLED still image gallery. LG screens also have Freeview Play in the UK, which means a full larder of catch-Up TV. 

For US viewers, there's Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play TV and Movies, as well as Hulu, VUDU, MLB.TV, and FandangoNow.

Five LG TVs with webOS: